Denver still thinks the All Blacks will run out for Sunday morning's league test at the famous Mile High Stadium.

CBS Denver sports host Michael Spencer says a mere 10,000 people may be dotted around the 76,000 capacity stadium, and some of those won't be sure which sport they are watching.

Spencer has backed the Kiwis-England venue because it gives the test prestige, as league looks to build interest for the 2025 World Cup tournament in North America.

But he sprinkled his interview on the Radio Sport Breakfast with liberal doses of jovial realism after attending an England training run.


"I like the guys, I'm all in, I'm probably in the point zero one percent of people over here who is all in," he said.

"Did I draw the short stick - no, I wanted it (to attend training). Honestly, I didn't want to sent our photographer out to cover the practice and have him not know what was going on, or him being like "Why am I here?' and mad at me."

When asked if sports fans thought the All Blacks were playing, Spencer said: "Yes I don't know if by the time Saturday comes around they will think that.

"But I know that even as late as last week, there were people I talked to who thought the All Blacks were coming over."

It would be a bad look, having so few people at a massive stadium. But any sport played at Mile High, home to the Denver Broncos, gained added prestige, he said.

Spencer said the game was being played at the ideal time of year. Playing the remaining matches (under the three year contract) any later would mean running into massive publicity problems because of the NFL season.

Rugby references dominated the interview.

Spencer said: "I wouldn't say rugby union has taken off but it has started here in the States and there is a team in Colorado and we give them some coverage.

"Honestly, having grown up watching football, I think rugby league has more similarities to American football. Rugby league has an easier shot at connecting (with fans) than rugby union would."

Billboards and media interviews may have increased awareness of the game but Spencer believed the maximum crowd number would be 15,000.

The game will not be helped by the Colorado Rockies playing the Miami Marlins in a major league baseball match at Denver's Coors Field beforehand.

CBS ran a story quoting England prop Scott Taylor, a replacement for the injured George Burgess, as saying former Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had been his favourite NFL player.

"It's going to be an unbelievable experience," Taylor said of the league test at Mile High.

Spencer asked star England forward Sam Burgess if he felt "more of a man" than American football players, because they wore big shoulder pads. Burgess declined to answer.

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