After a nail biting adventure through the depths of German motorsport, the Project CARS 2 NZ Championship ventured to France and Spain as New Zealand's best racers continued their battle for their stake in $10,000 on offer.

Tournament frontrunner Jordan Pene returned once again to pole position, after a winless week in round four. It was Robert Northway however who led the pack out of the first corner of race one, as Pene dropped down to third. The first lap of Barcelona proved relatively clean as the top two pulled out to a lead over the rest of the pack.

Tempers began to fly as McQueen and Richie made contact, causing Richie to run off the track and drop to the back of the group. Josh Ritchie was able to make chase, but couldn't climb any further than sixth. The podium rounded out with Robert Northway, Jordan Pene, and Scott McQueen.

As the dust settled, the racers got themselves ready for the extended qualifying through Le Mans. The grid would look somewhat familiar, Robert Northway took pole, with Pene following the action and Ethan Moore making a surprise appearance in the third peg.


In the second half of the first lap the series witnessed its first major mistake from Jordan Pene, causing him to spin out in the gravel and have to work his way up from last place.

Race two delivered non-stop action, the battle for second seeing cars side-by-side, 3 wide jostling for position in one of the best races of the season.

Not getting caught up in the action, Robert Northway built a smooth four second lead and looked set to take his second win of the night.

After more bumper to bumper action, Northway closed out the win over Scott McQueen and Jordan Pene in second and third respectively.