Brisbane is facing a fan backlash over its treatment of coach Wayne Bennett, but there is now a publicly declared counter-voice which hopes the door hits him on the way out.

With the NRL still reeling from the Broncos' shock approach to Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy, Broncos greats including Glenn Lazarus and Gorden Tallis have spoken out about why there is a group of Broncos greats who feel little sympathy for the veteran coach and his uncertain future.

Lazarus said Bennett should be given no quarter — despite his immense stature in the game — because he similarly gave no quarter and asked for none during his ruthless 25-year senior coaching career.

Lazarus told Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast Show with John and Beau, Bennett has simply been hit by the karma bus.


"In a lot of ways it is (karma)," Lazarus said.

"But, the gig they're in is very ruthless and you can be a coach, high flying, and next minute you don't fit the plans and all of a sudden you're punted. This is nothing different to all those coaches that have been sacked over time.

"Just because it's Wayne Bennett, everyone seems to think it's a little bit disrespectful. I know the man's about to coach his 800th game tonight, but suck it up, Wayne.

"Everybody or most people that are involved in this cut throat industry of coaching have to deal with something like this at some stage.

"A lot of good people have been kicked to the kerb by the Broncos when Wayne Bennett was head coach and I'll just name a few: Gary belcher, Kevvy Walters, myself, long term strength and conditioner and loyal servant to Wayne, Steve Nance, Ivan Henjak, and Anthony Griffin (who) was punted so Wayne could come back.

"And all of that was dragged through the media and obviously it was very public and it hurt. It was very hurtful. Now, the tables have turned, and I tell you now that a lot of people are sitting back, watching this unfold are just very keen to see how it plays out."

Lazarus said the Broncos have a long tradition of ruthless treatment of club icons while Bennett has been at the helm.

He labelled the Broncos' "disrespectful" snub of favourite son and Queensland State of Origin coach Kevin Walters an "absolute insult".

He revealed Wayne also treated him coldly during his emerging coaching career with the Broncos as a forwards coach and head coach of their youth team.

When out of contract one season, Lazarus claims Bennett refused to give him an answer surrounding his future at the club over a period of several months before being told at the end of the season he did not have a job next year.

"He did the same with Kevvy, and Garry belcher at the time, and Steve Nance. So, he's as cut-throat as anyone, let me tell you.

"If he wants something done he will do it and it doesn't matter who it is.

"Kevvy Walters, you could not find a more loyal person to Wayne Bennett over the last 30 and I think its an absolute insult.

"He actually sacked Kevvy back in the day, and he has not been mentioned at all as the next Gold Coast Coach. He would be a perfect fit for that role."

It comes as Broncos great Chris Johns declared the Broncos have treated Walters like an "idiot" by failing to consider him in their succession-planning surrounding Bennett's eventual retirement.

He told The Courier-Mail Walters could have coached the Titans this year, but chose not to contend for the position — given to current coach Garth Brennan — because he'd been given the impression he was an option to eventually replace Bennett.

"There's the disrespect," Lazarus said.

"Kevvy's won sox premierships. He's played for Australia. He's played for Queensland. He was an assistant coach with Melbourne when they won grand finals under Craig Bellamy.

He's a successful State of Origin coach. I mean, what sort of resume do you need to even get a mention as a possible replacement for the great Wayne Bennett?"

Broncos legend Gorden Tallis also wrote in a column for The Courier-Mail, revealing many Broncos legends are concerned at the direction of the club and believe Wayne does not have the club's best interests at heart by wanting to stay on and force Craig Bellamy to spend a year in the wilderness while he sees out his contract until the end of the 2019 NRL season.