Young Kiwi Jaxon Evans didn't quite get off to the roaring start he had hoped at the opening race of the 2018 Australia Porsche Carrera Cup championship.

Evans looked very quick in qualifying setting the car on pole, but couldn't quite make the most of a fast start losing out to former Supercars pilot Dale Wood.

"It's always a bit nerve racking when you're sitting on the front row, especially at the first race of the season," said Evans.

"I managed to get the jump [when the lights went out] but couldn't get rolling quick enough and ultimately I had to commit to the kerb at turn three and lost out to Dale. I then slotted in behind him and went from there."


The race was truncated leaving Evans without too much of an opportunity to pounce and get past Wood. However, banking a solid haul of points will only bode well for race two on Saturday and race three Sunday.

"We were disappointed the race was shortened as I felt we had the measure of Dale for the second half of the laps we had. I was chipping away and it is frustrating having to follow some one else around.

"However, it is good because you get a chance to work on a few things and improve. Although it wasn't a win, the points are good to have this early in the season," said Evans.

Although Evans is a little miffed not winning, he showed he can keep pace with blokes who have a lot more experience than him and a few of them have even spent a bit of time in the main game.

"I'll put my head down in the next race and see how we go," he said.