The daughter of former Real Madrid and Barcelona superstar Luis Figo has hit back at claims that she featured in an X-rated sex video that was posted online.

Earlier this week footage appeared online claiming to come from Daniela Figo, 18, performing a sexual act.

However, the teenager has broken her silence on the matter on social media stating that it was a lookalike pretending to be her.

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Posting a photo to Instagram, Figo explained to her 21,700 followers that the material had not come from her.


"Recently there have been inappropriate images and videos that have been circulating around Instagram and WhatsApp of a girl claiming that she is me.

"I just want to make sure that everybody understands that these images are false and that it isn't me!!

"I truly don't understand the motive behind this and it's sad to see how certain people like to create these false statements via images and videos of someone they don't even know," she said.

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Posted five days ago, the post has been warmly received by her followers.

One commented, "That's so awful.. I will never understand what is wrong with that type of people. That they are sick is for sure.."