Frisbee throwing athletes have their eyes on the prize and hands at the ready this weekend at the New Zealand Mixed Ultimate Championships in Hamilton.

Ultimate frisbee is one of New Zealand's fastest growing sports using a flying disc.

Hammerton player Kelly Carter says the sport is a mix between Netball and American Football.

"We don't have a ref on the sideline, everybody's a ref," Carter said. "If I mark you I'm your ref, if you mark me you're my ref. Like even at the highest levels we don't have a referee, the sport functions because everyone has to know the rules and play with sportsmanship."


"It's guided by the spirit of the game which is around respect and making your own calls," Mixtape Captain Sherif Ibrahim said.

And there's plenty of that spirit on display at this weekend's National Championship Competition in Hamilton.

"This weekend's about trying to decide the best-mixed team in the country. It's a tournament that's been running for well over 15 years now, and there are a number of hot favourites," Ibrahim said.

Twenty-three teams from across the country, and two from Australia are battling it out and they're representing their home-turf with pride.

And for some, the competition provides an important warm-up for the under 24 National Champs in Perth next year, where New Zealand is ranked tenth.

And Karl Ho says his Wellington team, Marvellous DC's have split into two teams for the weekend's games in preparation for international games.

"This year we've done an 'X' and a 'Y' because this year our teams are going to World, so we wanted a bit more disc-in-hand just to get bit more experience for some of our other players," Ho said.

With a big emphasis on fair-play and sportsmanship, the sport is quickly finding fans around the world.

"It's growing a lot through youth," Ibrahim said. "It has a lot to do with the value to add for people because of that spirit of the game aspect because it really does show good sportsmanship."

The National Ultimate Frisbee tournament will be held at Gower Park throughout the weekend.

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