The All Whites are still considering their travel options ahead of next month's World Cup playoff with Peru but have ruled out sharing out a plane with their opponents.

There had been discussions between New Zealand Football and the Peruvian association about chartering a plane together to travel from Wellington to Lima after the first leg match on November 11.

But NZF CEO Andy Martin has confirmed Peru prefer to make their own plans.

"Peru have told us they won't be able to, or don't want to share a plane," Martin told the Weekend Herald. "They have commitments to a lot of sponsors that they want to bring out so it just isn't feasible for them in terms of space."


It may have also been awkward, given what will be at stake next month, to have rival players in close proximity for 15 or 16 hours.

Martin has also confirmed Fifa has ruled out any extra financial assistance to either New Zealand or Peru, to help fund the logistically difficult journey from Wellington.

However, Martin said NZF had a couple of options, which were most likely a combination of commercial and charter flights.

"We are still working on a solution," he said. "But we are very close and we are confident that we will confirm something that works well for our team. At this stage, we are very comfortable with where things are."

The All Whites are likely to stay in Wellington overnight after their match, before leaving for Auckland -- and then South America -- on Sunday, November 12.

Martin added that NZF was also satisfied with their arrangements in Lima, after All Whites team manager Rob Pickstock returned from a scouting trip to the Peruvian capital, to looked at possible hotels and training venues.

"It was a productive trip," said Martin. "We have to plan things very carefully but we are happy with the arrangements."

Thing are not so straightforward for Peru, who are struggling with their logistics.

They have decided that Wellington won't meet their requirements -- in terms of hotels, training fields and seclusion -- and will base themselves in Auckland ahead of the match.

However, that decision could present its own difficulties.

The weather could be significantly different in Auckland, which won't help with acclimatisation in the capital, and Peru will also have to secure a flight to Wellington on the Friday, with most flights on that route already sold out.

Meanwhile, the clash in Wellington next month is close to a sellout, with only a few thousand tickets still available.

With three weeks to go before the clash in the capital, more than 33,000 tickets have been sold.

Total capacity is expected to be close to 38,500, with the addition of temporary seating at the Westpac Stadium venue.

Tickets went on general sale at midday yesterday.