Preparations for Peru's football invasion into New Zealand next month are well underway.

Top level Peruvian officials are already in this country, planning every last detail of what will unfold before - and after - the first leg between the All Whites and Peru in Wellington on November 11.

Peru team manager Antonio García Pye and their head physical trainer Néstor Bonillo arrived on Tuesday, to inspect the team's accommodation options, possible training venues and Westpac Stadium.

With the stakes so high, Peru is leaving nothing to chance, as they look to qualify for their first World Cup since 1982.


While both federations are the looking into the possibilities of a private flight from Wellington to Lima after the first leg playoff match in the capital, the Peru Football Association is also believed to be investigating a chartered flight to take their players to New Zealand ahead of the first game on November 11.

While Peru's European based players will travel directly to New Zealand, it's likely that the contingent of their squad who play their trade in Peru and around the South American continent will assemble in Lima before taking a chartered flight to Wellington, to cut down on travel time.

Meanwhile discussions will continue overnight between NZF, FPF and Fifa, over the logistical challenges of getting both teams to Peru after the first match in Wellington.

A NZF spokesman said there were currently "three or four options on the table".

All Whites team manager Rob Pickstock is also currently in Lima, to assess the lay of the land ahead of the team's second leg match.