DJ Newbill certainly made an impression on Breaker Nation when he made the buzzer beating layup on Friday night last week to beat the Sydney Kings at Spark Arena. The crowd rose as one to salute the basket, one made in as close to a perfectly executed play as you could hope to see, with just 3 seconds on the game clock.

The two teams will go head to head again on Thursday night at the same venue and the work is being put in on the practice court with that game very much in mind, but Newbill took time out from those preparations to reflect on last Friday and that play.

"When it comes down to those moments, it is down to the hard work you put in beforehand. But when you have a coach and a team that believes in you it makes that shot that much easier to take. Coach drew up the play and originally said to come off the down screen and go right. I said KP is in the left corner and has been hitting all game, they cant help off him so I am going to go left I will have that whole side and coach said, just get me a good shot and it worked out."

Newbill might have been the player entrusted with the ball and the shot, but he knows the role everyone played in creating the opportunity, with each and every player on the floor contributing to the basket that won the game.

"The pass was on point from Shilli, KP getting far far corner and dragging his man, Tommy making a hard cut, Chief getting me the screen to help me get open and then sealing his guy so it was literally just one on one with me and my guy, it was definitely a well-executed play."

Newbill admits it is kind of weird having the same opposition back at Spark Arena again this Thursday night.

"I said to Sosa this is like the playoffs! Most of the time the only time you play a team back to back is the playoffs. But I think this will be good for us, it is a chance to go back to the film and make some changes and see what we did good and what can do better in the next game."

And there is no talk of Sydney being any easier with the likely absence of captain Kevin Lisch after the guard suffered a serious calf injury in the win over Illawarra on Sunday.

"These guys are pros, when one guy goes down the next guy steps up and says this is my opportunity to shine. They may not otherwise get the minutes because a player was in front of them, so you have to look at other guys to become a threat and more dangerous when one goes down."

Already firmly a crowd favourite, not just for that basket but for his all court game, Newbill is enjoying his time with his new club.

"The fans support has been crazy, better than I expected. I am just enjoying it and embracing it and hopefully we can keep getting them wins."

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