Sebastian Vettel had one of his strangest experiences as a Formula One driver on Sunday, as he finished the race having to hitch a lift back to the pits with Pascal Wehrlein.

The German was unable to drive there himself after the rear left wheel of his Ferrari was all but snapped off - twisted upwards at a right angle following a bizarre collision with Lance Stroll.

Vettel had put in a hugely impressive performance to battle hard and claw back some of the huge deficit he surrendered following a nightmare in qualifying.

The Sky Sports' cameras managed to pick up some of the incident, with a view showing Vettel's on-board camera beginning to reverberate heavily.


It was clear something had careered into the back of the German, though Stroll's Williams car appeared to be completely unscathed as he passed by.

'Is that possible?' Vettel radioed immediately to his team.
'Stroll just drove into me. I mean, seriously.'

Vettel tried to drive on a little and manoeuvre out of the way of other finishing competitors, but it soon became clear his vehicle was completely totalled.

Pulling up alongside the stranded Vettel, Wehrlein stopped his Sauber and sportingly offered the Ferrari star a lift.

Vettel happily obliged, sitting atop his counterpart's vehicle and hitching a lift back to the pits, much to the delight of the watching Malaysian audience.

A less happy atmosphere could be seen back in the Ferrari garage, with team members livid at the incident which will almost certainly require a gearbox change and overhaul ahead of the next calendar event in Japan.

'I went on the outside to pick up rubber and I think Lance wasn't looking and wanted to do the same but I was already there,' Vettel told Sky Sports in the aftermath.

'(It was) completely unnecessary but I think he just didn't look. Its not my fault if someone just decided to pick up rubber and hit another car,' Vettel added.

Giving his own version of events, Stroll said: 'I was driving very slowly back into the pit lane.

'I think we're gonna have to go to the stewards, it was a very strange incident and obviously the race wasn't going on so it wasn't intentional.'