Two huge killer whales had at least one surfer desperately dashing for dry land during the Lofoten Masters surf competition in Unstad, Norway.

The intruders surprised competitors during the semifinals of the event on Monday, prompting TV commentators to quip: "And it looks like the whales have entered the contest there.

"We have two killer whales in the contest area. I wonder what the judges are scoring that?"

One surfer found the encounter far less humorous, riding a wave a short distance to the beach, where he held his hands over his chest before raising them above his head.


After a short delay, the event continued with local surfer Maria Petersson and Edi Siswanto, a surf instructor from Bali, reported.

Siswanto later told Al Jazeera surfing conditions in Norway could be "as good any in Bali" and that there were "no danger of shark attacks".

"You're more likely to be watching sea eagles and seals as you wait for the wave to ride," he said.

The Norwegian Orca Survey has since confirmed the intruders were two orcas - apex predators that feed on a variety of fish, marine mammals, and dolphins.