San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has made a powerful statement following US president Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the Golden State Warrior's invitation to the White House.

Trump seemed to disinvite the NBA champions from the traditional White House visit after Stephen Curry made comments publicly opposing the president.

Speaking to the media, Popovich said he found Trump's actions "comical".

"I thought it was comical that it was rescinded, because they weren't going anyway. It's like a sixth-grader who's gonna have a party in his backyard and he finds out somebody might not come so he disinvites him.

"But again I think, the behaviour, although it's disgusting, it's also comical."


Popovich also addressed comments made by NASCAR owner Richard Petty who threatened to fire any driver who kneels for the national anthem.

"I just heard a comment this morning from a NASCAR owner and from Mr. Petty that just blew me away, just blew me away," Popovich said.

"Our country's an embarrassment in the world."