Stripper and Penthouse Pet Belinda Medlyn at the centre of the NRL "foursome" scandal has "a thing for tradies" and sells "globally sustainable clean water".

Ms Medlyn's explosive revelations about sleeping with New Zealand Warriors star Bodene Thompson and three others have caused a storm of controversy within the NRL.

But can reveal the one-time cover girl for Penthouse magazine's raunchy Black Label edition is a 35-year-old nature-loving beachgoer who loves "being a positive influence in people's lives".

Ms Medlyn does, however, prefer "athletic" men and has "a thing for tradies" and "men who do stuff with their hands".


She also revealed she does a strip show partnered with another female and she loves kissing other women.

Ms Medlyn exposed the sordid sex group culture in an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday.

The X-rated stripper confessed that she had five secret sex sessions, including an intimate foursome which included Thompson and two other NRL players.

Thompson and Ms Medlyn have a 15-month-old son Hendrix who was conceived on the night of the Warriors v Bulldogs September 6, 2015 match while a team mate watched on, the Daily Telegraph reports.

However Ms Medlyn's steamy revelations are in sharp contrast with her life away from stripping, Penthouse magazine and football players.

In Penthouse magazine, which she posed for when she was single and running her beachside frozen yoghurt smoothie bar Berry Addictive, she said she liked "athletic" men.

She also said "I've got a thing for tradies - men who do stuff with their hands, who make stuff happen, are attractive to me".

Her Penthouse profile, in which she admitted she was a "dancer and exotic entertainer", said she also appreciated "a real gentleman who has nice manners".

As she revealed in one text message exchange with Thompson, she is the brand relationship manager for a brand of "alkaline" water which launched in Australia two years ago.

Generosity Water Australia aims to generate sustainable funding for a US charity, which describes itself online as a "charity organisation".

The water was due to go on sale in America, the UK, South Africa and Dubai by last year, Ms Medlyn claimed.

"Our mission is to help give clean water to the 800 million people in the world without it," she writes on her LinkedIn profile.

"By choosing our premium Alkaline water with perfect pH balance of 10.0 you are making it easy to look after your health, give back to charity and live generously.

"We are committed to dedicating 20 per cent of our profits to building clean water wells in developing countries, as well as providing consumers with a healthier bottled water brand."

Ms Medlyn, who posed for pictures with son Hendrix near her home in the Sydney beachside suburb of Coogee, previously ran her frozen yoghurt smoothie bar in one of the suburb's main streets.

Berry Addictive boasted the "best frozen yoghurt in Coogee" but appears to have closed down and been replaced by a juice bar two years ago.

Ms Medlyn said she ran the shop as her own small business selling "healthier ... stevia-based" smoothies and high alkaline "green" shakes.

Originally from the NSW South Coast town of Vincentia, where she attended high school, she is believed to have starred in some feature films as well as modelling and exotic dancing.

"I am ambitious and enjoy completing all tasks whether they are big or small," Ms Medlyn writes on LinkedIn.

She describes herself as "a highly energetic worker who can take lead when needed and a strong optimist".

"Being a positive influence in peoples lives gives me joy and allows myself the courage to always move forward," she said.