A former stripper and Penthouse model has opened up about group sex sessions with NRL players saying she believes they are how teammates bond in the modern age.

Belinda Medlyn has told the Daily Telegraph that teammates are offered up to women for group sex, described by players as 'gangas'.

Medlyn has opened up to the Daily Telegraph amid claims that she had an on-off relationship with Warriors second rower Bodene Thompson which began after they were introduced via Instagram.

The pair conceived a child during the 2015 season with Medlyn claiming another player entered the room and watched on while she and Thompson had sex.


Thompson was present when their son Hendrix was born in March last year, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Thompson is currently unsigned after his current contract with the Warriors ended this season.

The Warriors released a statement confirming the club have been aware of a personal matter involving Thompson, who played 48 games for the side.

Warriors CEO Cameron George said Thompson and his lawyer had kept them fully informed while the club had also notified the NRL Integrity Unit about the matter.

Medlyn claims she has been invited to group sex sessions with NRL players and in turn has recommended friends to players.

"It's about power, fast cash, fit bodies and getting any woman they like," she told the Daily Telegraph.

"They don't want to let down the team."

Medlyn claims that women offered friends up to NRL players for orgies at their Sydney apartments and plush hotels around Australia.

Medlyn said she didn't regret her actions but wishes Thompson, who has seen his son seven times since he was born last March, would see his son more often.

"Because I have Hendrix, I don't regret it at all," she said.

"My son needs a dad. He needs a man in his life and I feel that Bodene should want that too. He should want to know his son, his offspring, this is his blood. Regardless of how we created him, or even where we are. We can make this work for Hendrix.

"This has put me in a lot of financial debt. I think that anybody who has had children would know how much that costs. And I tried so hard to cover those financial costs on my own with the minimal input from Bodene and I'm hoping by him being accountable for this now, he will take his part financially, physically with his son's life."

Thompson's lawyer Daniel McGirr told the Daily Telegraph that he wants to see Hendrix more.

'He is trying to work out an arrangement to see his son more; he lives in New Zealand and can't just jump on a plane,' the player's lawyer said.

McGirr also denied any suggestion his client was failing to meet his financial obligations, saying the player "didn't owe a cent".

George said the Warriors had received confirmation from Thompson's lawyer that he was up to date with child support payments, which had also been verified by documentation from the Department of Human Services in Australia.

George added it was a personal matter which was being handled by Thompson, his ex-partner and their respective lawyers.