It only took one glimpse at 12-year-old Jeffrey Powell and America was hooked.

"American hero", "The hero we needed, not the hero we deserved" and "my new favourite player of all time" were just some of the plaudits thrown towards this previously unknown slugger after his appearance at the Little League World Series Regionals.

That's because young Jeffrey, nicknamed "Boog", we assume, after Major League Baseball outfielder Boog Powell, isn't your average Little Leaguer. He's not little at all.

Despite not having entered his teens and only standing 157cm tall, "Boog" has already cracked triple figures on the scales.


He casts an imposing figure as he stands over the plate, swinging his bat like an axe.

But he's also 12 years old and can be seen on other occasions in the dugout chewing on an empty cardboard cup with two others attached to the side of his head. Because that's the kind of things kids do.

Unfortunately for "Boog" our first look at him was short-lived. Not even Bo Jackson would have made it on base after grounding out straight to the fielder at first.

Better luck next time "Boog"!