Andre Direll's uncle Leon Lawson could face a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison if he is sound guilty of first degree assault.

The trainer punched an unawares Jose Uzcategui after the Venezuelan fought his nephew in a boxing match in Maryland on Saturday.

Uzcategui was disqualified after the referee adjudged he had hit his opponent after the eighth-round bell.

But Lawson took things into his own hands as his nephew was keeled over and being seen to by doctors in the ring. He unexpectedly clocked Uzcategui in the chin in shocking scenes.


And now the full rap sheet has been shared on social media, revealing the extent of the seriousness of the assault charges against Lawson.

The complaint was made to police by Uzcategui's advisor Sean Gibbons, who tweeted an image of the paper from the District Court of Maryland for Prince George's County.

It reads "State of Maryland vs Leon Lawson Jr" and that the defendant "is aporx 45 years old" and from Flint, Michigan.

The charges for first and second degree assault reads similar charges - but crucially that he could face 25 years in prison for first degree or ten years and/or a $US2,500 fine.

It says: "Did assault Jose Uzccategui in the first degree violateion of CR 3-202, contrary to the form of the act of the assembly in such case made and provided against the peace, government and dignity of the state."

Gibbons also claims Uzcategui is appealing the referee's decision to end the fight, after the Venezuelan was adjudged to have hit Dirrell after the eighth round bell.

He tweeted: "Yes Team Uzcategui is 1000 per cent appealing the call!! Referee blew the call there was nothing untentional about Uzcategui and the punch."

Meanwhile boxer Carl Frampton and Conor McGregor's coach John Kavanagh joined the chorus of those condemning the incident.