Warriors CEO Jim Doyle has expressed concerns for Kieran Foran's welfare once he returns to Sydney next year, and revealed that close family members wanted him to extend his stay in Auckland.

The Foran saga finally came to a close yesterday, with the Bulldogs confirming that the 26-year-old is signed to the Belmore club until 2020.

Doyle understands Foran's rationale - putting his duties and obligations as a father first - but has some reservations about the five-eighth returning to Sydney.

Foran's life spiralled out of control in 2016, with a series of mental, emotional and physical issues exacerbated by the close scrutiny of the league media in Australia's biggest city.


Foran also had several questionable friendships across the Tasman, including a close association with controversial gambler and ex-brothel owner Eddie Hayson.

Doyle confirmed that some close family members, including Foran's mother, had hoped that the Kiwis international might remain at the Warriors.

"It is one of the main reasons his family wanted him to stay here ... they've got to make sure he's working with the right people over there," Doyle told Radio Sport Breakfast yesterday.

"It is [a concern]. We've talked about it a lot and that's something he'll no doubt continue to work on with specific people over there.

"He got himself into a pretty dark hole just over a year ago, hopefully he'll be much stronger and will have learnt from the past and not get himself back into that position," said Doyle.

Foran admitted he was on a "downwards spiral" during his last spell in Sydney but said he was a different person and able to cope with the pressures.

"I've done a lot of work on myself over the past seven months since I've been here," he said. "I'm a lot stronger person and I've got no doubt in my mind that when I return to Sydney next year, I'll be fine."

However, Foran also felt a huge debt of gratitude to the Warriors, for the move which "changed his life".


"I was having that discussion with a family member," said Foran.

"[I was] saying that coming to New Zealand for this year, will be the year that changed my life forever. Things weren't great for me back in Sydney, my life had taken a downwards spiral and it was out of control really.

"I'll always be grateful and thankful for the Warriors for giving me that opportunity and hopefully I can play my part in leaving something behind," said Foran.