Kiwis back-rower Kevin Proctor has stood down as co-captain of the Gold Coast Titans and also from playing after being involved in rugby league's latest drug scandal.

Proctor and Kiwis captain Jesse Bromwich were alleged to have purchased and snorted cocaine in Canberra in the early hours of yesterday morning following the Kiwis 30-12 loss to Australia at GIO Stadium.

Proctor this morning met with Titans Chief Executive Officer, Graham Annesley, and Board Deputy Chairman, Darryl Kelly, to discuss the incident.

The 28-year-old has been advised he will be issued with a Breach Notice to appear before the Titans board later this week to determine any other action or sanction to be imposed as a result of the alleged breach.


Through a prepared statement delivered to media by Annesley this afternoon, Proctor expressed his extreme regret and sorrow for the incident.

He admits having too much to drink and although he cannot remember the details surrounding the incident he does not deny it happened.

"I've asked Graham to say how extremely embarrassed and sorry I am for the damage I've done to the game and my personal reputation since Friday night's test match in Canberra," said Proctor.

"After the game we went back to the New Zealand team hotel and had a late dinner. After dinner we went to a local club to have a few drinks. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur as I obviously had too much to drink before the incident that has caused all of the trouble which happened much later in the night.

"Although I can't remember exactly what happened I don't deny it.

"I'm devastated by the whole thing and can't apologise enough to my Kiwi teammates, the NRL, the club and all fans of the game.

"I've never been in this kind of trouble in my career and I've never failed a drugs test.

"I'm so sorry to have let everyone down by losing control of my personal decisions by drinking too much alcohol.

"I have a wife and young family and taking drugs is not something I encourage because I'm very aware of the damage it can do.

"Even though I have to appear before the board later in the week I've already decided to stand down as club co-captain and also stand down from playing until the board makes a final decision.

"I accept there will be further punishment from the club and the NRL. I just want to put all of this behind me as quickly as possible and prove I can make it up to everybody."

Annesley intends raising with the NRL the issue of supervision of players whilst away from their clubs on representative duties.

The Titans are providing Proctor with welfare and support to ensure his general well-being.