For rally car drivers, the slightest miscalculation or failed manoeuvre can have major repercussions and dangerous consequences.

Such is life when you're behind the wheel inside a speeding box of metal.

One driver (and his co-pilot) got insanely lucky this week following one of those mistakes.

Tomasz Kasperczyk was competing in the Rally Islas Canaries event in the Canary Islands when he nearly drove his car off the side of a cliff.


Luckily, a metal guard rail was there to save the day.

The rail somehow absorbed the high-speed speed collision and prevented the car from tumbling down the side of the mountain. It was an insanely close call, though.

The rail was heavily damaged and the car came to a rest with half of the body dangling off the edge of the road.

Thankfully both racers inside the vehicle were able to escape and seemed to be okay.