The San Antontio Spurs have had a miserable time in Memphis during their NBA playoff series against the Grizzlies, but some restaurant staff in the area are sure glad the franchise was in town.

The Spurs hold a 3-2 advantage in the series, as neither side has been able to win a game in opposition territory as yet. But despite the Spurs struggling in Tennessee, San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich was apparently in a giving mood.

According to a post on Reddit, Popovich reportedly left a US$5000 (NZ$7,200) tip at diner McEwen's. The bill came to US$815.73, and the final amount paid was US$5815.73.

McEwen's owner Bert Smithe said Popovich has visited the restaurant multiple times, but didn't confirm whether he was there on the night of April 21 - the date on the bill.


"Coach Popovich has been in our restaurant in the past multiple times," Smithe told

"We don't discuss anything that goes on when VIPs are in the building."

While it's difficult to verify whether Popovich was definitely the man who left the generous tip ahead of game four of the playoffs, which Memphis won 110-108 in an overtime classic, US media is reporting the handwriting on the bill appears to match that of the 68-year-old.

That the Spurs played the Grizzlies at their home stadium FedEx Forum, which is just a few blocks away from McEwen's, on April 20 and 22 also adds weight to the theory Popovich is responsible for the donation.

According to a Twitter user, the Spurs mentor also reportedly left a $1000 tip in April 2016.