Gus Gould pull your head in.

When you made that comment about women not watching the footy at the Anzac Day thriller between the Dragons and Roosters, all I could think was at least those lucky ladies at the game didn't have to listen to your drivel.

How did you know what they were saying?

If it's like the usual comments between myself, my sister and my nearly 70-year-old mother it would be about the refereeing, or how much roll-on those huge Dragons forwards were getting and that's what the Warriors need, or that Dragons player Jack De Belin should definitely be selected for Origin by Laurie Daley.


And of course what stupid things commentators like Gus Gould say.

Yes, Gus, I haven't played and I haven't felt the crunch of a tackle by Ruben Wiki or been beaten by a beautiful sidestep from Shaun Johnson, but has every man who watches league?

I get turned on by league and it's not by their legs, Gus.

I get turned on by seeing Jordan Rapana miraculously flying across the in-goal while pulling the ball back under him to score, or by a bit of biff - when biff was allowed - or by the pure magic of a pass by legend Johnathan Thurston.

League needs to grow its fan base to hold its own against AFL in Australia and to try to survive in rugby-insane NZ.

League needs to say we want people to be turned on, to love the game we love.

We want families to go to the matches and for children to dream about wearing a Kiwis jersey and - yes, Gus- we even want women to watch.

-Faith Lee is a New Zealand Herald journalist and Warriors and Dragons fan