Brisbane Broncos star Anthony Milford maybe fearless on the field but the tough guy NRL star has shown he is much softer off the field.

The 22-year-old was filmed screaming like a child after team mate Josh McGuire bought a snake to training and surprised him with it while he showered.

McGuire posted the video to social media site Instagram on Saturday and has already attracted nearly 10,000 views.

"Brought in the little brothers snake to training on Thursday. Anthony Milford and a few of the lads ain't big fans," McGuire wrote.


The video shows McGuire walking through the packed dressing room holding the two-metre long python.

Several team mates flinch and run away as the Queensland Origin star approaches.

McGuire continues through the dressing shed with a determined look on his face, ignoring his petrified team mates.

The prop forward, fully clothed and still wearing his boots, enters the showers and spots Milford with his back turned, seemingly enjoying his shower.

The enjoyment quickly turns to fear as McGuire calls out Milford's name and points the reptile towards him.

As soon as Milford sees the snake he quickly walks to the other end of the showers attempting to flee McGuire and his pet, but to no avail as the forward promptly follows him.

21 Apr, 2017 1:39pm
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Milford screams hysterically and pleads for McGuire to leave him alone but that only motivates the senior team mate to pursue him more.

McGuire finally relents and walks away from a petrified Milford but not before entertaining several teammates.