The Warriors have been a long running circus of ever changing misfortunes, the latest involving Kieran Foran about as self-defeating as it gets.

Sonny Bill Williams' alleged culture-busting antics at the Blues have nothing on events at Penrose where Foran almost comes and goes as he pleases.

The Foran business has been downright insulting, and I lay the blame squarely at chief executive Jim Doyle's door.

It gets even worse when you consider what a young captain like the fantastic Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, who gives it everything he has every week, must be dealing with under the pressure of a poor start to the season as Foran blatantly looks for greener pastures.


Watching a star player given special help by the club being shopped around Australia a mere three games into his Warriors career is a kick in the teeth. It's not the way to win a premiership, make the eight, build a long-term winning culture.

That Foran met with Newcastle coach Nathan Brown while the Warriors were in Oz to play Canberra last week is astounding. What on earth do the other players think, and what kind of added rot is this sinking into the Warriors woodwork?

This is time to circle the wagons, not actively and publicly seek to head west. Staggering.

Foran's mental illness, the incorrect suspicion among some fans that Australia undermines the Warriors, celebrity culture - it is all playing apart in softening the truth.

The Warriors' season is already going off the rails, while Joe Superstar does what he pleases. Hey Kieran, it's about leading, not leaving. And you weren't all that good against Canberra pal.

Foran should be hauled over the coals for daring to have this sort of contact with a rival outfit. But he was, unfortunately, brought here as a special case which gets more special by the week.

Doyle has overstepped his authority, or is out of his depth. Foran himself should do the decent thing, and show genuine long term commitment to the Auckland club that doesn't sound like a smokescreen story.

Frankly, I don't give a stuff about his mental illness or family situation, which involves his kids living in Sydney. A lot of people battle mental illness, a lot of people are split from their families. There will be NRL players battling with these issues right now, without reneging on professional standards.

Among the clubs apparently interested in him are Melbourne which - last time I looked - is not in Sydney. This came with the game-changing news that his ex-partner, the mother of his children, has relatives in Melbourne. Moving somewhere because someone you were close to has relatives there opens up a lot of travel possibilities. So where were the definitive denials?

The desperate Warriors fans are being taken for a ride. They are too forgiving on this one, dazzled by the Foran name and unsure how to deal with a mental illness issue or such an incredible farce.

There has been a lot of talk over the years about whether more Australian players are needed, along with debates over great Aussie coaches who could turn the club around.

A great Australian chief executive - that's what is probably needed.

We've had a couple of wild Aussies, in CEOs Ian Robson and Mick Watson. The Warriors don't need high profile in the front office. They need high quality, experience, toughness, and durability to institute sound policies over a long period of time. Maybe Doyle needs a mentor, if he stays. I doubt he will.