On the face of it, Kieran Foran seemed to have it all - a job many would dream of, a very healthy salary and two adorable young children.

But as is often the case with those we envy, behind the Hello magazine life lies a darker, more complex picture.

Foran's spectacular fall from grace stunned the league community and led him to sign, somewhat controversially, for the Warriors.

There is hope he will make his debut today against Gold Coast at Mt Smart Stadium after injury denied him the opportunity last weekend.


And Foran has today chosen to speak about the off-field problems that have brought him to this point.

Gambling would seem to be at the heart of his issues - and he isn't the first sports star to find his life hijacked by such an addiction.

A party lifestyle and numerous other rumours contributed to his hitting rock bottom.

Now there is hope. Coming to New Zealand is a fresh start that can, he believes, stop his life spiralling back out of control.

As Herald sports columnist Chris Rattue rightly pointed out this week, the Warriors aren't a rehabilitation centre.

"This is a football club and - bottom line - Foran was brought here as a footballer, and an exceptionally good one."

But the Warriors owe a duty of care to its employees. We would expect nothing less of any good employer - Foran needs the right support to help him find the peace he craves - to concentrate on his game and, most importantly, to become a good man and father.

And the club has good form in this area - it runs a home where promising young players learn life skills as well as focus on training away from distractions. Foran's disintegration is a cautionary tale for these young hopefuls. It also serves as an endorsement of what the Warriors are trying to achieve - Foran traces his downfall to a gambling addiction that began as a teenager starting out in the game.


But make no mistake - this is a two-way street. Foran has probably used up many second chances. The Warriors have offered what must surely be his final opportunity. Let's hope it works for the sake of Foran and his family. And let's also hope the result is a win for the Warriors on the field.