A large section of the Mt Smart Stadium field was removed and replaced with new turf midweek following Adele's third and final sold-out and rain-soaked concert on Sunday.

The same turf transplant was successfully completed at both The Gabba in Brisbane and Sydney's ANZ Stadium after the British pop singer's Australian shows.

More than 130,000 attended the three shows last week with heavy rain falling throughout the final concert.

The stage the British singer used was 25m high and took 16 hours to pack away on Monday. 120 tons of steel and 4,625m of rigging chain were needed to set the massive stage up.

Warriors boss Jim Doyle was confident the ground would be ready for Sunday's clash against the Gold Coast Titans, saying: "Those grounds were fine as well so the ground staff are really confident it's all under control."


"What they actually did, the guys (ground staff) here went to Brisbane (The Gabba)and (Sydney's) ANZ Stadium and they're doing the same as what they did for the Adele concerts in replacing that piece in the middle and the side.

"So they're doing the same as what they did and those grounds were fine as well so they're really confident its all under control.