Jaya Taki, the woman at the centre of the NRL match fixing scandal, has launched fresh claims against disgraced Wests Tigers star Tim Simona, claiming he went out partying after her forced abortion.

The 24-year-old estranged girlfriend of Simona says he partied the day after her abortion and tried to pick up one of her girlfriends.

And Ms Taki claims Simona froze her out, ignoring her "for days" unless she wanted to talk about the dates for the abortion, rather than keeping her child.

The health therapist has been subject to death threats since her revelations about the former Samoan international, who has since confessed that he took drugs and bets on NRL games.


In explosive claims made to Nine Network reporter Danny Weidler, Ms Taki also claims that they bickered during her short pregnancy, with Simona claiming a baby "would ruin" his football career.

"What got me really angry is that I had an abortion on the Friday and on the Saturday he was out clubbing," she told Nine News. "I said, 'I sacrificed my child for you and you are out partying'. Everyone talks about how scornful I am. I made a decent sacrifice for him."

Ms Taki has been at the centre of a media storm after her disclosures about Simona's gambling on matches were revealed in a series of text messages between the former lovers.

Her revelations led to the NRL deregistering Simona from the game, and a torrent of abuse levelled at her.

Simona then sensationally revealed to The Daily Telegraph in a tell-all interview the extent of his drug-taking and match betting, as well as stealing from a charity.

Accused of ending her ex-boyfriend's career, Ms Taki has now hit back, explaining her reasons for telling the NRL about Simona and disputes some of the claims in his confession.

Simona's match gambling included bets on opposition players and backing opposing teams against the Tigers.

She reveals to Channel Nine that Simona told her while she was pregnant, "I want to save for a house and excel in my career and having a baby would ruin that for me."

The Sun-Herald reports that Ms Taki responded, "Can you imagine how I felt keeping the baby that would 'ruin his career'. So what choice was I left with?

"He would ignore me for days on end if I said I wanted to discuss the option of keeping it, and would only ever talk to me if I gave in and gave him dates for an abortion. He won."

Simona's world began to unravel last August when Ms Taki posted an angry message on Facebook to Simona which blew the lid on his behaviour.

"So here I go again, having to teach you a lesson! simona if you ever f*** with me this is what happens. ­Betting on your own games, cocaine, abortions and cheating! I've had enough of this sh**," Ms Taki wrote.

She quickly removed the message, but someone had taken a screenshot and sent it to Wests Tigers officials.

An investigation ensued, but it was only after her and Simona's relationship fell apart late last year that she co-operated with the NRL and handed over her mobile phone.

Ms Taki says she talked to the NRL about the footballer's ­gambling because she felt threatened by him and was devastated by an abortion he "bullied" her into.

She says she was grieving after the abortion, felt abandoned by him and the NRL and she wanted to hurt him.

Ms Taki says friends of Simona harassed and threatened her on social media, including death threats on Facebook, and that she wanted the NRL to punish footballers who mistreat women.

"I want people to be aware of this disposable attitude to women and their babies," she said.