The wife of Brisbane Broncos skipper Darius Boyd has opened up about rebuilding their marriage after revealing he cheated on her.

Darius Boyd and Kiwi wife Kayla appeared in a tell-all interview on Australia's Channel 9, which aired last night.

In the interview the couple talked about what they've overcome in their marriage including Boyd's stint in a private mental psychiatric hospital to battle depression in 2014 and how his infidelity almost destroyed their relationship, The Courier Mail reports.

"I was 100 per cent done. I'm shocked that I'm sitting here talking about him and we're still married," Kayla said in the interview.


Darius, who had played 21 times for Australia, said he has been able battle depression thanks to Kayla. The Queensland star turned his career around after his stint in rehab, signing a new deal with the Brisbane Broncos and playing a key role in the clubs 2015 run to the grand final.

"I wouldn't have been able to get through it (depression) and out the other side without Kayla's support," he said.

Kayla said she ended their marriage after finding out about Darius's several affairs. The couple eventually got back together and Kayla gave birth to daughter Willow last year.

In September last year, Kayla told the Courier Mail that the couple decided to have an abortion due to their 'hectic life'. When the story was published Kayla revealed she was bullied online.

"I got called a murderer, a killer, and that I don't deserve the gift of life," she said. "People said they wished I'd never fall pregnant again," she told the Courier Mail in September.