Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams has thrown his support behind the All Blacks, as England take aim at the world record for consecutive tier-one victories this weekend.

In an on-line interview recorded after an Oklahoma City Thunder game, the seven-foot (2.13m) centre was informed of the impending milestone, but seemed incredulous of England's sudden emergence as a rugby superpower.

"Have you seen what the England rugby team's been doing?" asked the interviewer on the video posted to Twitter. "Tying the All Blacks consecutive wins record?"

Adams: "Have they? What?"


Interviewer: "Does it count for less because they haven't actually beaten the All Blacks?"

Adams: "Of course, they have to beat the guys, but they're doing well. I thought they weren't doing too good for a while."

Interviewer: "They're one away from doing you guys"

Adams: "F###! B####! Hopefully they lose."

Despite his relative isolation from New Zealand sport within his NBA bubble, Adams has continued to wear his Kiwi pride on his sleeve and often posts photos of himself on social media, wearing national team jerseys.