If anyone needed proof showing off in front of large groups of people was a bad trait, this was it.

You only have to look at Conor McGregor's showboating before, during and after a fight to see how much mixed martial arts fighters ham it up, but this young gun's attempt at showing off his feathers this weekend may turn other athletes off.

Joe Harding, an English-born fighter, bit off more than he could chew against opponent Johan Segas in their welterweight bout at British Challenge MMA 18 in Colchester, taunting his opponent with a cheeky gesture - but it didn't end well.

Harding threw a punch at his opponent, forcing him backwards before making another strike. The British fighter thought he had enough time to bust a move in the middle of the Octagon as his opponent regrouped, but he was sadly mistaken.


Segas crunched a clinical kick to the head of his dancing opponent, sending him straight to the ground, leading the referee to instantly call the fight.

UFC boss Dana White was quick to react to the incident, tweeting his disdain at Harding's vain stunt. "I hate when guys do this s***, and this is what happens when you do!" White said.

If one thing is for certain, this is one of the more embarrassing KO's we've seen in MMA.