The Breakers still have a chance of making the NBL playoffs, but so do seven other teams. The Herald attempts to work out the best possible results to help the Breakers extend their season.

Adelaide are clear out in front with a 17-9 record. Brisbane have the wooden spoon locked in with a 10-17 record. The other six teams, from second placed Illawarra to the seventh placed Breakers, are all a shot of making the four-team playoffs with the 36ers.

It wasn't long ago that Breakers looked out of the running at 8-12 but they remain in the running for the franchise's fifth NBL title.

For the Breakers their destiny is not completely in their hands but to have a chance to make the playoffs they have to beat third-placed Melbourne on the North Shore on Friday.


If the Breakers lose - their season is over. If they win...then they need a few things to go their way.

Here's the ideal results sequence for the Breakers to be guaranteed a place in the playoffs:

Cairns (13-13) v Adelaide (17-9) - Thursday

The result the Breakers need:

Adelaide to win. A Cairns' victory won't eliminate the Breakers but it doesn't help their cause.

Breakers (13-14) v Melbourne (13-13) - Friday

The result the Breakers need:

Breakers must win to improve to 14-14.

The following assumes the Breakers win on Friday

Perth (13-13) v Sydney (13-14) - Friday

The result the Breakers need:

Both teams are in the playoff hunt so not an ideal game for the Breakers. A Perth win however would effectively eliminate Sydney, so that's preferable.

Illawarra (14-13) v Brisbane (10-17) - Saturday

The result the Breakers need:

A Brisbane win would be great but unlikely. Not a major for Breakers if Hawks win to lock in second spot.

Adelaide (18-9*) v Cairns (13-14*) - Saturday

The result the Breakers need:

Adelaide to win again leaving Cairns' record at 13-15, below the 14-14 Breakers.

* would be record

Melbourne (13-14*) v Perth (14-13*) - Sunday

The result the Breakers need:

The Breakers could be hovering around third or fourth with the final regular season game to play. A Perth win would eliminate Melbourne and put the Breakers in the playoffs.

* would be record

The final outcome:

Breakers hold a 3-1 head-to-head record over Perth this season so would finish third, setting up a series against Illawarra.

Final standings
1) Adelaide 19-9
2) Illawarra 15-13
3) Breakers 14-14
4) Perth 14-14
5) Cairns 13-15
6) Melbourne 13-15
7) Sydney 13-15
8) Brisbane 10-18