Injured SKYCITY Breakers guard Corey Webster will undergo surgery, ending any hopes of a return to playing action in the Australian National Basketball League this season.

Webster was put on injury waiver in December to allow the shooting guard the time and focus to regain full fitness and overcome a number of injuries that have been affecting him throughout the ANBL season.

Further consultations with specialists and time to consider his options have seen Webster decide on surgery on a nagging hip complaint that has dogged him for some time, but in particular this season.

"The hip has been an issue for me this season, I have had some good weeks and then bad weeks, that has been the pattern all year. Because of its importance other areas have then compensated which has led to soreness in other parts of the body which was further limiting my ability to train and play to the levels I am used to.

"Surgery will be great for me and my future. It just wont heal itself if I keep playing on it, I know that now. No one seems to know how long it might last and I will have the same issues every year. The surgeon says right now is the time to get it fixed and get back to 100%."

SKYCITY Breakers General Manager Dillon Boucher wished Webster well with the decision.

"This has not been an easy decision for Corey but clearly it is the right one with his long-term future in mind. He tried through the early part of the season to battle through but was just too limited in his ability to train or play at a high level. We support him in this decision and wish Corey well with the surgery and his recovery so he can return and play at the highest level for many years to come. He needs to give this his full attention and do everything right to ensure a successful outcome."

Webster has not set a date for the procedure yet but has been in conversations with his surgeon about the operation itself.

"I have spoken to the surgeon but they dont actually open for another week or so, we will then look for a time to have the surgery done. The procedure is not too bad, I believe it will be key hole and involves shaving off the bone and reattaching the cartilage in the hip."

The operation may be simple, but the recovery is not, with a lengthy time on the sidelines for the shooting guard being another reason to get it sorted now.

"It is a four to six month recovery time, which might be perfect timing with the Tall Blacks having a quieter mid-year than usual, while it will also mean I can be ready for next season. The rehab will dictate when I come back and if I can be available for any part of the international programme, but my priority has to be to regain full fitness and not jeopardize my long term playing future."

- This story has been automatically published using a media release from Basketball New Zealand