"I'm embarrassed being a Kiwi after last night."

Those were the words of Lance Revill, President of the New Zealand Professional Boxing Association, following Joseph Parker's historic victory over Andy Ruiz Jr last night.

"Let's get one thing straight, I'm a great friend of Joseph Parker, he's been to my gym a number of times, he's sparred with my heavyweights when he was an amateur. I've got a lot of time for him," Revill told Tony Veitch the morning after Parker claimed the WBO world heavyweight title. "I'm afraid to say that he didn't win the fight last night. Ruiz cleaned him out."

Revill has no doubt Ruiz Jr won the fight and should be returning home as Mexico's first heavyweight world champion.


"I scored it 118-111 in favour of Ruiz," said Revill in what many will regard as a controversial summary of the fight. "Parker had no game-plan.

"It was a lopsided fight and I feel sorry for Andy Ruiz. Something stinks about this fight, something stinks about the whole set-up. There wasn't a bad word said about Joseph Parker. The whole press is on his side, he's been given a dream ride right through."

Lance Revill talks to Tony Veitch:

While many experts around the world had Parker winning a close fight, Revill stood by his views and insisted that New Zealanders need to stop kidding themselves.

"I know one thing for sure last night, Parker didn't win that fight. And I want to make it clear with everyone else, cut your bullshit, cut saying he's an honorable Samoan/New Zealander, it's bullshit. He didn't win the fight last night and get real New Zealand because we haven't got a New Zealand heavyweight champion. Ruiz got ripped off last night."

American boxing commentator James Smith had other ideas, and said Revill's views were "way over the top" when he spoke with Veitch.

"The fight was ebb and flow, back and forth, nip and tuck. I had Ruiz winning by one point but it could have gone even, it could have gone to Parker. This is the subjectivity of boxing," said Smith.

"When a fight is this close, there's four criteria to score a fight: Clean punching, effective aggressiveness, ring generalship and defence. All of those areas were back and forth and then I go to my fifth criteria which is 'who was doing more of what they wanted to do'.

James Smith talks to Tony Veitch:

"At the end of the day, in this case at the end of the fight I thought Ruiz was doing a little bit more but no call for anything that this was a ripoff. It was a very close fight, Parker gets the nod, it could have gone either way."


Smith said that in the end Parker fought well and gave his thoughts on a possible resolution.

"Parker did a good job, New Zealand should be happy and hey, how about a rematch?"