The fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt, narrowly missed being kicked by a horse in the mounting yards at Oaks Day.

Bolt was walking by the horses when a stray hoof from New Zealand champion Eleonora angrily lashed out in his directions. But the Olympian proved to be quick on his feet as he jumped out of reach of the kick and the harsh whip of the horse's tail.

Bolt landed in the arms of Australian Olympic silver medalist John Steffensen as he jumped back to avoid contact with the horse.

The 6'4 Jamaican champion dwarfs Steffensen who stands at just 5'9 but that didn't stop the Australian from embracing his friend - to keep him safe.


The two star athletes smiled and laughed as the jockey corrected his horse.

Bolt, dressed in a suave white suit giggled in the arms of his friend before turning away from the track.

The duo were talking to a jockey who was also quick enough to escape the horse's hoof.

The near miss didn't cause too much stress on Bolt who quickly flashed the 'okay' sign at photographers.