Australian media are questioning whether Shaun Johnson's match-winning field goal against England in the Four Nations rugby league tournament really did go over the posts.

Australia's Rugby League week magazine and website claim there is significant doubt over the 65th minute attempt by Johnson that ultimately decided the 17-16 victory in New Zealand's favour.

"It was the kick that effectively ended England's Four Nations title hopes before they began but did Shaun Johnson's field goal go over?" quizzed the magazine, long considered the Bible of rugby league across the ditch.

RLW suggested Johnson's body language straight after the kick showed he wasn't sure either.


"Replay footage suggests Johnson's one pointer may have sailed wide," claimed the magazine.

"After the kick Johnson's body language suggested he was anything but certain he had landed the one pointer as he sheepishly retired back over the halfway mark. The on field referee and the touch judges are in the best position to make the call but did they make the right one?"

Other experts say the one-pointer was legitimate and it was the television camera angle showing the ball drifting left once it had passed through the goalposts that created an illusion that it might have missed.

The mini-controversy is unlikely to trouble the Kiwis. The result is in the history books and can't be changed now.