The All Blacks outscored their opponents 751 points to 253 en route to the 18-straight record.

As the scoreboard continued to climb each and every game, fans knew what to expect - plenty of tries, a big scoreline, and an All Blacks win.

It's became mechanical. Like a pinball machine. Put the money in, hit go, and watch the whole thing light up.

However, some fans have grown tired. They've become stale by the lack of competition.


So, to mix things up, what if we changed the rules?

Give every opposition an even chance. The opportunity to beat the world's best - an incentive if you like.

For the opposition, 10 points for a try, four points for a conversion. Essentially 14 points on offer every time you cross the chalk.

If we trialled that against the All Blacks in the past 18 games, their win record would have been different.

Indeed, of all 18 games, they would have won - wait for it - just 17.

Their one loss would have come against Wales back in June. A 36-41 defeat at Westpac Stadium.

They would have still outscored opponents 751 to 371.

But they wouldn't have got the record. In fact, they'd be 10 wins away.

Here's a breakdown of how all the games would look over the last year.

Game 18: All Blacks 37 Australia 17
Game 17: All Blacks 57 South Africa 15
Game 16: All Blacks 36 Argentina 31
Game 15: All Blacks 41 South Africa 20
Game 14: All Blacks 57 Argentina 29
Game 13: All Blacks 29 Australia 9
Game 12: All Blacks 42 Australia 13
Game 11: All Blacks 39 Wales 33
Game 10: Wales 41 All Blacks 36
Game 9: All Blacks 46 Wales 6
Game 8: All Blacks 34 Australia 31
Game 7: All Blacks 20 South Africa 18
Game 6: All Blacks 62 France 20
Game 5: All Blacks 47 Tonga 9
Game 4: All Blacks 43 Georgia 17
Game 3: All Blacks 58 Namibia 19
Game 2: All Blacks 26 Argentina 23
Game 1: All Blacks 41 Australia 20

Some closer matches, especially against Wales in June. Similarly close shaves with Argentina on two occassions.

But at the end of the day, it doesn't make much of a difference.

Even if we made penalty kicks worth six points, the All Blacks would lose just three of 18 - two games against Wales, one against South Africa, and a draw with Australia.

Still, the Heartland Championship was trialing a new points system this season, so it can be done.