Andrew Fifita is visibly angry with the NRL.

He was snubbed of the Clive Churchill Medal in his match-winning grand final performance against the Storm and was then denied national selection for the Kangaroos a week later.

It's no surprise the 27-year-old was looking for a fresh start after declaring he didn't see a future for himself in the NRL - and now his opportunity has come.

England's Wakefield Wildcats offered Fifita a deal in an effort to seal one of the most prolific props of the 2016 season to their roster, Rugby League Week reported.


The exact sum or contract terms have not yet been specified.

The Wildcats have a key asset that could very well be the defining factor in Fifita's signing: his twin brother David.

The two Fifita's are incredibly close after playing the bulk of their professional football together before David made the decision to dump the Sharks and head to England.

David has already voiced his anger at the NRL after the entire Fifita fiasco which engulfed the latter half of the season.

The 27-year-old slammed officials for "discrimination" against his brother after it was revealed he was denied a national jersey.

"It's a disgrace, what they've done to him," he said.

"He was robbed of Dally M prop of the year, the Clive Churchill Medal in the grand final and robbed of an Australian jersey.

"He made the Sharks' dream a reality and scored the winning try in the grand final. He should have got man of the match. Honestly, stats don't lie - his numbers were far better than anyone on the park."

Andrew was caught in a swamp of controversy earlier in the year after suggestively displaying "FKL" on his armband. The acronym was universally interpreted as "Free Kieran Loveridge" - Andrew's friend in jail who was found guilty for coward-punching Thomas Kelly in 2012.

"It's discrimination against him, pure and simple," David continued.

"Everyone doesn't see the bloke we know, how he took an under-14s team under his wing, trained them, got them tickets for Sharks games, took them into the sheds after games to give them a thrill.

"Mal Meninga needs to have a real look at the team and if he wants to go and pick a team of innocent people, then do it. But what will hurt Andrew the most is he sees people in the team who also have a bad history."

"They should be told why he missed out - and get their money back," he said.