It doesn't work like that Tui.

That's the message coming from frustrated Warriors CEO Jim Doyle who is in no uncertainty about the young 21-year-old's future.

Rumours of Lolohea's departure exploded earlier this month when he posted a photo to his Instagram outside Brisbane Broncos HQ.

With the potential arrival of Kieran Foran, a starting position in the halves, Lolohea's preferred position, would be postponed.


His agent, Stan Martin, added fuel to the flames by telling The Daily Telegraph exactly what Tui's plans were if Foran was to arrive.

"He doesn't want to leave and until the Foran situation is sorted out there is nothing I can do,"b Martin told The Daily Telegraph.

"It depends on Kieran, it really does. Tui wants to stay, he doesn't want to go.

"But at the end of the day if pathways get closed he also knows that he has got a talent and he can go and ply his trade somewhere else."

However, Jim Doyle isn't having a bar of it.

Speaking to Tony Veitch on Newstalk ZB, Doyle said a contract works two ways and Lolohea can't just up and walk off.

"It doesn't work when you say, 'I've got a contract but I don't want to be here because somebody else is going to take my place so I'll go somewhere else'," Doyle said.

"You don't want one person in a position, and if a person who's competing in that position doesn't get it, they want to leave straight away - it doesn't work like that.


"A contract means two parties have to agree to something. We see him as being a big part of our future, so as far as we're concerned he'll be there 2017 and 2018."

Doyle grows increasingly annoyed with the rumours being hurled around, and it appears the Warriors CEO might have a small battle on his hands.

"He's not a 30 year old guy who's at the peak of his career, he's still learning," Doyle said.

"He is still developing his game. He'll learn a lot from Kieran, but he may play alongside Kieran at some point."

Doyle reiterated that the Warriors had spoken to Lolohea and assured him of his future within the club, saying they have big plans for the youngster.