Triathlon New Zealand's high performance boss Graeme Maw has resigned after four years in the role.

Englishman Maw said he believed he had taken the high performance programme "as far as I can".

"After four years of leading change, I feel I have taken the HP programme as far as I can. I recognise that performances and culture are not yet where they need to be, and it is time for someone else to take the reins for the next step," he said.

Maw said many of the operational priorities of the 2020 HP plan had been achieved, such as establishing the national high performance centre in Cambridge, launching a national talent programme around the country, healthy domestic competition and evidence-based parameters for talent development and selection.


"With the framework of this performance pathway in place... I have no doubt that success is not very far away," Maw said.

Triathlon New Zealand president Arthur Klap acknowledged the work put in by Maw and others over a four-year period, a time that demanded change and investment in the infrastructure and pathways necessary to return the sport to the top of the world in what is now a hugely competitive and truly international sport.

"Graeme came to Triathlon New Zealand with the big challenge of developing a high performance squad base and building an emphasis on talent development. This was a major change from how the triathlon High Performance Programme had operated previously and he had to overcome a number of obstacles over his four years in charge.

"Much was achieved by Graeme and he brought a very analytical and systematic approach to the training programmes that gave the Tri NZ Board a clear understanding of how our athletes were progressing."

New Zealand have fallen from the halcyon days of Hamish Carter and Bevan Docherty. The best-ranked male on the world series standings this year is Ryan Sissons at No 20, followed by Wanaka's Tony Dodds at No 69.

Andrea Hewitt remains the shining light, sitting at No 6, with Nicky Samuels at No 29 and Rebecca Spence No 40.