They may be equal to the blokes when they host sports shows such as The NRL Footy Show or State of Origin.

But according to a recent report in the Daily Telegraph, Channel Nine presenters Erin Molan, 33, and Yvonne Sampson, 35, earn significantly less than their male counterparts such as Andrew Johns, Darren Lockyer, Ray Warren and Phil Gould.

What's more, the sassy TV hosts are forced to fly economy class.

It was further reported that Erin Molan's salary was around $100,000 while her fellow host Beau Ryan earned around eight times as much cashing in a cool $800,000.


Erin declined to comment regarding her pay, but talked further about the difference in treatment between her and her male counterparts:

'If I make a mistake, it will be a mistake because I am a woman. If they make a mistake, it's funny. That's just the reality.

'The standard is different for me - but it doesn't worry me,' she added.

Fellow female presenter Yvonne Sampson also confirmed she wasn't paid extra for hosting Wide World Of Sports.

'That was just part of my duty,' the brunette admitted.

'It was great to work on a live broadcast...but people [think] you get paid millions...that's not the case at all,' she added.

Last week, Yvonne took to Instagram to post a snap of her squished on an economy seat.

She captioned the post: 'F is for finals football & f**%ing early flights!'

F is for finals football & f*~%ing early flights!

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The Queensland-born presenter declined to mention the nature in which she was flying.

A Channel Nine spokesman said: 'Whether they fly business or economy is not dependent on their contract not their gender.'