When it comes to referees, commentators are usually a bit more sympathetic than fans. After all, they do have a mandate to remain unbiased and call it as they see.

However, if ever there was a complete explosion in the commentary booth, it was last night during the NRL preliminary final between the Canberra Raiders and the Melbourne Storm.

Australia's 2GB commentator David Morrow launched into an absolute tirade after one of the referees called a forward pass against the Raiders in the crucial 77th minute.

Raiders half Blake Austin appeared to have thrown the ball backwards, however it drifted forward into the hands of Edrick Lee and was called back by the referees.


That's when Morrow went bonkers.

"There's nothing wrong with that pass!

"You idiot on the sideline, go and read the rulebook!

"Out of the hands, it's gone backwards and then floats forward. That's not a forward pass you clown!"

That gave Morrow the convenient opportunity to criticise the officiating in general as well as the new NRL bunker.

"I'm sick of these idiots that don't know what they're doing."

"This is how disgraceful this stupid bunker has become. I mean, that's an obvious decision where they can overrule it. Even though they can't overrule a forward pass, there was a classic case where if they had any brains at all, they would overturn that decision.

"But they haven't, because they're too stupid.

"The game is in rack and ruin because the idiotic refereeing is so pathetic."

Morrow's fellow 2GB commentator, Mark Riddell, could only listen on as his co-host blew his top.

The forward pass decision would cost the Raiders greatly as they were forced to turn over the ball with two minutes to play, not getting it back before the full time hooter, losing by two to the Storm and forfeiting an appearance in the Grand Final next weekend.