The Warriors' season ends on Sunday along with seven other teams (most likely the Tigers along with the Dragons, Sea Eagles, Rabbitohs, Eels, Roosters and Knights).

Which means the following day is Mad Monday - the great league tradition where teams get dressed up in costumes, drink alcohol and then possibly ruin their reputations.

What is the point of it? It's really a chance to celebrate all the hard work that's gone into the season and commiserate why that hard work didn't pay off.

The Raiders banned any Mad Monday celebrations in 2014, the Sharks followed suit last season while the Bulldogs celebrated it 'in style' last year. All three teams made the playoffs this season so there's no magic formula to whether it helps or hinders your team the next season.


To their credit, the Warriors have often kept away from Mad Monday controversies. Well end of the season ones at least.

The number one rule, however, should be - don't involve strippers. You'd think this goes without saying. Number two is go easy on the booze.

But anyway here are five 'problem/stripper/mad free' suggestions for their Mad Monday.

1) Spring cleaning at Mt Smart Stadium

It was announced in February that the Warriors will remain at Mt Smart Stadium until 2028. That's great news for the team. But it means they have to keep it in good nick. It's not a 2001 Honda Accord that they can just sell to a journalist for $500 in five years' time. It will need the full gold service and WOF every season (you know that one that includes checking the CV boots and joints). So why not get the players to help out? They're still on contract on Monday surely. Each player gets a bucket and a sponge and every tackle you missed during the season, that's a seat you need to clean.

Warriors boss Jim Doyle might be up for this idea but the Rugby League Players Association may question whether it's the correct use of player contracts.

2) Rainbow's End

I haven't been there since 1994 but apparently it's still a fun day out. The Fearfall ride probably best suits the Warriors due to the fact it doesn't spend that much time at the top before a big fall. Unfortunately Shaun Lane, who has played just one game this season, would have to stand on the sidelines yet again as the maximum height for the ride is 195cm. The Sea Eagles bound second-rower is 198cm. A Superpass, which gets you on all rides, will cost $59, which is slightly more than a pair of 'Spirit of the Warriors' Nines shorts.

3) Give back to the fans

Once again, credit to the Warriors as they do plenty of stuff during the season with fans. Players do countless hospital visits and trips to school, that we as the media don't report on, as well as going out of their way to engage with their Australian-based fans. But some positive PR from what has been a pretty disappointing season would actually be a good ploy. Make a big show about not having a Mad Monday and instead do a charity event. They could always get together for 'a few quiets' at another point but replicating something like the Tennessee Titans Tots Baby Shower event would be a good option.

4) Watch the Richie McCaw movie Chasing Great

Talk about inspiring, and not just for the fact that the Warriors have been chasing all season. There are five chances to catch the McCaw flick at Event Cinemas Queen Street on Monday. If they've already seen it then they can go to David Brent: Life on the Road, although the only had 10 games in Australia this season, or Kubo and the Two Strings. The tagline 'Be bold, be brave, be epic' could be a good catchphrase for the 2017 season.

5) Play the Battlefield 1 beta

Sitting alone in a dark room playing PlayStation doesn't exactly say 'team bonding' but hear me out. Battlefield 1 is a highly anticipated first-person shooter game set during World War I. The open beta, the first chance for gamers to test the game before the official release in October, was released overnight. The game's multiplayer is planned to support up to 64 players so the Warriors could invite the Eels and Rabbitohs to play as well. Attempting to break the Hindenburg Line could also teach the side a few things about their defence lapses.

If the servers are still down then go back to trying to catch those Pokemon.