Dejected Warriors fans have reacted passionately to another failed season, with coach Andrew "Cappy" McFadden among those in the firing line. Here's a sample of the comments which have flooded in after the shock loss to the Tigers meant the Auckland club missed the playoffs yet again.

* Dear Warriors ... Thank you for giving us fans another opportunity to "keep the faith"...I look forward to the day however when we can change our slogan to "We used to have faith but now we have effort and hard work".

* I'm not angry.... I'm just disappointed

* Do you guys ever listen at training? Are you ever going to show up for the full 80 minutes?


* Dear Warriors of 2016: I am sick of trying to justify to non-Warriors fans/bandwagon jumpers that you had every chance to win this year. Today was the last straw...I honestly thought we would win today. Please do not win by 50 points (against the Eels) next week! That would really **** me off.

* No game plan again...come on dude (coach McFadden), Tigers known for their speed and mobility...

* Dear Warriors, can you please change your name to something more appropriate? Something like the NZ muppets? Or the NZ Disappointments?

* A valiant effort given the early loss of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and golden point losses...slow start and McFadden's decisions just too much to overcome.

* Thanks for living up to my expectations for yet another season. Please don't spend money on bad players this off season. Instead find a better coach.

* Take some personal pride in your performance. You cannot rely on the same two or three players week in week out. Too many passengers and not enough desperation yesterday.

* Although the officiating would occasionally try to beat you, you were always your own worst enemy.

* Your supporters will all be back next year...bring on 2017.


* 2017 will be the Warriors year.

* Can you please ask Shaun Johnson if I can borrow his Harry Potter invisibility cloak that he likes to wear during the game.

* Dear Warriors of 2016, I sure as hell hope I don't see you in 2017.

* Just for once I'd like to see the Warriors look gutted to lose. It always seems to be smiles and hugs after the game.

*The Warriors just ran out of gas. Fitness just wasn't there. Roll on next season.

* Does Cappy's job finally come under scrutiny.

* The Warriors are ninth in a comp which is only played in two states of Australia.

* McFadden has to go and not based on his coaching ability. I just don't think he can inspire the players.

* Bring back Ivan Cleary yeah.

* Everyone agrees Cappy should go but the playing group also needs a shake up * Too small in the forwards. Not fit enough as they fade noticeably in the last 20. Every club gets bad calls now and then.

* Buy more players with plenty of "tomorrows" in them as most of the buys this year are players with their best days behind them.

* Even felt sorry for Johnson as it seems that everyone relies on him to do something!