Warriors coach Andrew McFadden has slammed the seven match suspension handed down to Charlie Gubb at the NRL judiciary.

Gubb's been found guilty of a grade two shoulder charge on Manly's Darcy Lussick, with the Warriors failing to get it downgraded.

McFadden says there's an inconsistency across the board, when it comes to players serving bans.

"I'm extremely disappointed. I thought we had a terrific case," McFadden told Radio Sport from Sydney.


"The weighting on the shoulder charge is disproportionate to the action quite often. It's not in line with other charges in the game. Currently you can knock a player out or break a player's jaw and play the next week, or only miss one week."

"I think that's significantly different to Charlie's where it's body on body. There is no contact to the head or neck. I do agree with stamping out the shoulder charge I just think the weighting on the charge is just not in line with the rest of the game's charges."

McFadden says at the end of the day, they're handing out jail terms for parking tickets.