The New Zealand Warriors are packed with pace with might help with the new obsession to sweep through the club - chasing Pokemon.

Since launching last week, the internet has gone mad for the Pokemon Go game which, through a smartphone app, allows players to capture, battle, train and trade virtual Pokemon who appear through the real world.

Veteran winger, who returns to action this weekend after a month break from the game, revealed a number of players are playing Pokemon Go but said it wasn't getting too competitive.

"Dave (Fusitu'a) and Ben (Matulino) are the best at it," Vatuvei said today.


"It's pretty funny. I crack up when I walk everywhere. People are trying to catch them. I took my kids to the park and saw them. It's like 'bro get off your phone'."

A number of Pokemon have been cited the Warriors' home base of Mt Smart Stadium.

The Warriors head to Perth to face the Sea Eagles on Saturday as they look to retain their spot in the top eight.