Kevin Locke may have just signed to play for an Australian rugby team, but his dream is to play for New Zealand once again.

"If I enjoy playing, I wouldn't mind coming back to New Zealand and playing for a super rugby team," Locke told Woman's Day magazine.

"All Blacks is the ultimate goal. But with the amount of talent there is [in NZ], it's not an easy task."

The former Warrior and Kiwis player has signed to play for the Greater Sydney Rams in Australia's National Rugby Championship, which is the Australian equivalent of New Zealand's NPC. He is expected to debut for the side in late August.


Locke also opened up about his battle with depression and how he sought help from a church rehab centre.

He told Woman's Day: "I was very lonely, being in my own little bubble away from Chelsea and the team. I was going through a really bad patch. I'd go down every two weeks which would make me feel good, but when I was alone, I'd be going out head was all over the place. I'd promised her I'd ease up on partying when we got married, but I didn't. "

Despite his battles, he told Woman's Day he was determined to change his life for the sake of his wife and three and a half year old son Louie.

Locke, who's now 27, played 88 games for the Warriors up until 2014, scoring 26 tries.

He represented New Zealand eight times, before spending two seasons in the UK Super League.