Not since game three of the 2011 State of Origin series have NSW received more penalties than the Canetoads. On that night, current NRL referees boss Tony Archer was in charge alongside Shane Hayne.

Miraculously, the Blues won the penalty count 5-3. It was their first penalty count win in Brisbane since 2006.

Not surprisingly, NSW coach Laurie Daley and his staff will meet with Archer in Brisbane today.

Given the stark statistics of past Origin's held in Brisbane, it's unlikely that the meeting will have any great impact.


However, Daley will accept Archer's invitation to catch-up, if only to remind him that there is more than just one team playing at Suncorp.

"I just want clarification," Daley said. "I just want to know what's going to happen around the ruck and the 10 metres."

Asked if he felt the Queenslanders were frightened of the referees allowing the game to flow, which would suit the Blues young and speedy outside backs, Daley replied; "I don't know and I honestly don't care.

"For us, we'll enjoy an open game of footy with no stoppages, a continuous game, that's what we're hoping for."

While NSW hooker Robbie Farah has already suggested this week that all the Blues want is a "fair go" from the referees, Blues skipper Paul Gallen said it was imperative his side took the match officials out of the equation.

"We have to take them out of the game," Gallen said. "I know there's been a lot of hype about it all after what Laurie said at the press conference.

"But he's never come to us as a team and blamed the referees, or spoken about the referees at all as a team. We need to take them out of it, be on-side with them, get back with them."

Archer spoke briefly on Tuesday about what he wanted to see from Sutton and Cummins.
"I thought the referees handled game one really well," Archer said.

"My expectation is that they remain diligent in the policing of the 10-metres and ruck area in this match.

"If that requires them to penalise for those types of infringements, then they should, which will allow an opportunity for the teams to play the style of football they choose."