A siege mentality helped the Warriors rediscover winning form last week but they remain intent on honing their preparation and developing the right mindset leading into Saturday's NRL clash against Newcastle.

A tumultuous five week period saw the Warriors heavily criticised for a slide in form that saw them lose three of four matches while also dealing with the fallout and intense scrutiny over the recent prescription pills scandal.

The players spoke about needing to "bunker down" at training during the recent bye round to escape all of the negative attention before bouncing back from consecutive defeats with Saturday's impressive 36-18 win over Brisbane.

Looking to repeat the effort at Hunter Stadium, the Warriors are taking confidence from that performance and aiming to improve their five and seven win-loss record against the last-placed Knights.


"Obviously we've been under lots of pressure and we had to use that technique (siege mentality) but we've just got to understand what works for us and focus on trying to prepare that way every week," said coach Andrew McFadden.

"It's good to know that the performance on the weekend, the players know that it's there. It was nice that they could smile about their footy.

"It's most definitely the best performance we've had this season over the 80 minutes but we need to try and get better.

"We have to build some momentum. We're obviously on the bottom half of the ladder and we need to start stringing some performances together, so it starts with this week."

Thomas Leuluai at the Warriors weekly press conference.

The players may have relied on an 'us-against-the-world' attitude to inspire them, but McFadden credited a more positive and up-beat approach to training and playing for their drastic turnaround in form.

"We didn't change anything tactically on the weekend it was just a mindset that was more positive," he said.

"I want them to play football when they see the opportunities and just taking away that fear of making mistakes and playing what's in front of them is why they played so well.

"We certainly had to go out there and play a positive style against a good defensive side, so that gave us the confidence over the 80 minutes. But we shouldn't expect that the game's going to go the same way this week."

The seven tries to three win over the Broncos showcased both the Warriors forward strength and their renowned attacking prowess. They hope to unleash another potent display but know their attacking ambitions again hinge on their ability to dominate the Knights forward pack.

"We're not a conservative team, we need to play with the footy, it suits our style but there's always a balance in that," said McFadden.

"The style of football doesn't just happen, there's a method to it, and it starts with winning that middle third.

"Our forwards did a great job and that allowed us to play that style, so that's where it will start again.

"They've (Knights) got nothing to lose. They're a dangerous team and I've seen them take good teams right to the death so we need to anticipate that."

The occasion also marks hooker Issac Luke's 200th NRL match, giving the side extra incentive to perform.

"Two hundred games is a massive achievement in the NRL and it's a great achievement for Issac to get there. It's going to give us a little bit extra motivation this weekend."