Warriors coach Andrew McFadden says the presence and support of former All Blacks World Cup winning coach Sir Graham Henry had given him confidence throughout the club's recent struggles.

Henry, who guided the All Blacks to the 2011 World Cup, has spent the past month working with the Warriors and alongside McFadden in an unpaid mentoring role.

He sat in the coach's box as the Warriors bounced back from consecutive defeats in Saturday's win over Brisbane, and his recent work had helped McFadden maintain his focus and self-belief during a testing time.

McFadden is contracted until the end of next season but remains under pressure to hold his job. It's been reported he will be axed if the Warriors don't make the playoffs this year or at least show a considerable improvement.


"It's just giving me support, and understanding that what we're trying to do at the Warriors is the right thing to do," said McFadden.

"I've been talking to Graham for a while and he just sits back and observes and he'll let me know how we went, but it was obviously a nice day to be in the box.

"Our performances of late, up until tonight, haven't been that great but we have been doing a lot of good things.

"Our professional standards have changed at the club and that's what makes it so much more disappointing when you just feel like you're banging your head on the wall.

"So it's been good to have that sort of person say 'look this is the direction that you need to keep going down'."

Henry's term at the club is due to end, but McFadden will continue to call on his expertise as the season progresses and beyond.

"His involvement will change. I'll always stay in contact with him now. I've been in contact with him over the last 12 months but certainly having him there is a support.

"He's a great guy and a great coach so we'll keep in contact."