Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams has apologised after using the term 'little monkeys' in describing the opposition in a post-game interview yesterday. But did it warrant an apology?

Wynne Gray - No

I apologise for writing a story about "quick little monkeys," the term used by Oklahoma City centre Steven Adams.

To my ears it was a good ole' Kiwi slang term which praised the nimble athleticism of the Golden State guards in the opening game of the Western Conference finals.

I apologise for hearing incorrectly or misconstruing Adams' description.


ESPN interviewer Kenny Ducey later tweeted his disapproval as American news groups offered other unacceptable examples of the racially insensitive term being used.

I apologise for not tuning into its unacceptable use in America.

Common language is becoming a more awkward subject round the globe as we saw with the "gypsy boy" slur delivered by Joe Marler in English rugby.

I apologise for not coming to terms with those regional differences.

Heat of the moment, a microphone jabbed up his nose by some TV-type, these are unscripted moments. There will be blemishes but viewers are looking for the raw reaction to what has just happened.

But if America doesn't want to hear that or run the risk of screening some offensive comment, then bug off and leave the players alone.


Cameron McMillan - Yes

Adams is known to monkey around and he's been vital in the post season for the Thunder as they try and get the monkey off their back. If they do they'll make a monkey out of all of us who thought the Golden State Warriors would ease into the finals and win a second straight title. But it's not his performance on the court that people are going ape over.

Yes he has to apologise because someone would have been offended. Is it offensive though? It's obviously not in this country but I question why it is in a country where they have teams named the Indians and the Redskins. Seems like double standards if you can't offend one race but you're openly free to offend another.

Credit to Adams for the way he has handled the situation. He obviously was made aware of the faux pas quickly after the interview and went out of his way to apologise. "I'm assimilating, mate, still trying to figure out the boundaries. But I definitely overstepped them tonight," he told USA Today Sports. Well handled. Now let's move onto game two.