Parramatta hooker Nathan Peats has confirmed he has been approached by the club to leave before Friday's NRL match in order for the Eels to get under the salary cap.

Peats has left the situation in the hands of his manager Sam Ayoub but says he is preparing as if he will be running out on ANZ Stadium for the Eels against South Sydney this week.

"I've had a chat with a few people, but it's out of my control at the moment. My manager's sorting things out and I'm worried about playing Souths this week," Peats said on Tuesday.

"I don't have to worry about it. I've got to worry about getting my body right for Friday and that's my goal.


"Behind the scenes, obviously I'm not there so they can sort that out."

Unsuccessful attempts by Eels consultant Ian Schubert to lower the $570,000 salary cap breach amount in talks with the NRL on Monday means the club are likely to need more than injured veteran Anthony Watmough's retirement to be assured of retaining any competition points they earn.

Touted as a future Origin player in some quarters, Peats could be the answer.

The Eels' have plenty other options at hooker, including Kaysa Pritchard, Cameron King, Cody Nelson and veteran Isaac De Gois, the latter of whom filled in admirably for an injured Peats earlier this season.

However, he will need to hastily agree to a new contract with another club, and have it rubber-stamped by league headquarters, over the next three days.

The 25-year-old, who had just returned from representative camp with NSW City, didn't want to speculate on his immediate future, instead opting to remain calm in the midst of the club's ongoing crisis.

"To be honest, two years ago I would've been filthy back at home or at training," he said. "But I've calmed down the last two years and not much gets to me anymore.

"I'm pretty cruisy at the moment. My family life has changed me that way. I'm feeling alright by it all."

The off-contract Peats revealed he had been in discussions with the Eels on an extension but said negotiations had proven difficult as the club battles its salary cap fiasco.

"The club weren't in a position to talk, same with (Corey Norman), same with everyone," he said.

"They had bigger things to deal with and I understand that. I've just been worrying about playing some decent footy and getting back on the field and getting some 80-minute performances out.

"My body's holding up well and I'm enjoying my footy again this year.

"We've finally got the side that we've been yearning for a couple of years and we're starting to play some decent footy."